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We are the nation’s leading resource for executive church leaders in LGBT+ care and outreach. We provide training and consulting for ministry leaders and offer direct care to LGBT+ individuals and their families.

  • Lead Them Home just returned from the hip college town of Eugene, Oregon, where we privately trained and consulted executive church leaders of an influential evangelical church and presented our new 2-day Posture Shift Intensives course for 100 area pastors. It was our best 2-day event yet. This event occurred because a team from Eugene checked out our Intensives course in Boston this summer. Since our first three inaugural events, we now have numerous church teams asking us to bring Posture Shift Intensives to their church — and their city. In Eugene, we [...]

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  • The election results of 2016 reflect the emergence of one of the most powerful conservative political movements that our nation has seen in decades. It is not just that Republicans control the Presidency, the House of Representatives and the Senate. It is that our new president will be in position to appoint up to 3 Supreme Court Justices. This could establish a conservative court for the next 25 years or more. No, Lead Them Home is not getting into politics! The purpose is simply to explain why many LGBT+ people [...]

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  • A Post-Election Confession by Paul Atwater, Senior Pastor, North River Community Church   Note: The following is a guest post by pastor Paul Atwater. Included on leadthemhome.org with permission. For practical resources on implementing a posture shift in your church, please visit our resources page.   We have been going through a series of messages called “Prayer Explosion: Learning from Great Prayers of the Bible.” A few weeks ago, we focused on “Confessional Prayers” as we looked at Psalm 51. I wrote this as an attempt to apply the lessons we have [...]

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  • Visiting the Pulse site is not only deeply moving. It is also educational. You cannot learn what is needed if you do not visit a place and get to know people. As I mentioned at the beginning of this series, many Orlando churches are already serving survivors and families who lost loved ones. No one needs an outsider from Boston to tell them what to do. Orlando churches are already living out the Gospel in powerful ways! The purpose of this post is to address EVERY church across America. You [...]

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  • On September 13, 91 days following the terror attack, nearly 200 senior evangelical leaders in the Orlando area attended Posture Shift. One pastor flew from Georgia after learning that his son is gay. The Christlike heart of church leaders was beautifully evident in the thoughtful questions that were asked during our Q&A time. Lead Them Home wishes to thank our host church, attendees and many partners who referred Orlando leaders our way. It was a genuine honor to step into a place of grief and share a Christ-centered path forward. [...]

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