Loving LGBT+ People in the Church

2017 Posture Shift Tour

Lead Them Home has grown to become the leading source for executive and senior church leaders seeking to enhance belonging for LGBT+ people in the evangelical church. We are excited to announce our 2017 Posture Shift Tour. 

Register for the Tour

We will offer our 4-hour Posture Shift Seminar in Spokane (April 30) and Denver (May 31), as well as our 2-day Posture Shift Intensives Course in Orlando (June 13-14), Dallas (June 26-27), Indianapolis (July 25-26) and Boston (August 23-24).

To learn more, visit our 2017 Posture Shift Tour page.

Request a Proposal

Over 80% of our work involves privately training church and ministry teams. If you are more interested in privately training your team, contact us to request a proposal.

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