Loving LGBT+ People in the Church


The most amazing “thought leader” consulting and teaching our team has ever encountered. You must experience Posture Shift: it will impact how you share the Gospel with ALL people!

National Church Leader – Chicago


Lead Them Home is filling a decades-long void in the church. We previously were un-touched by real people and their pain. We now realize how we have often played a role in causing pain for many. All this has led our team to recognize our need to repent of our actions, attitudes and words. We are shifting our posture to radically love people! Thanks Lead Them Home…

National Church Leader – Midwest


Thank you for embodying and modeling such a well-informed, theologically grounded and loving response.

National Church Leader – West Coast


Lead Them Home is one of the leading voices and educators for church leaders in the nation!

Church Pastor – East Coast


Lead Them Home is the conservative church’s best expression of Christ’s love for LGBT+ people.

LGBT+ Community Leader

I just have to say: Lead Them Home is unlike any other ministry I have encountered from the evangelical community. If this is what the church looked like, I think more LGBT+ people would see Jesus in the teachings of those who hold to an orthodox interpretation of scripture. Excellent job!

LGBT+ Community Leader

I would like to recommend Lead Them Home as a fantastic ministry full of grace and love, without compromising the truth. I will let you know that not every church is ready for this…but our church was! We have several families with gay children and most of our people have many gay friends and extended family members. Lead Them Home’s teaching was balanced, biblical, challenging, and liberating. Many people have NO clue how to care for gay friends and loved ones. They also don’t realize that our teens are rejecting the “head in the sand” or avoidance way of handling this issue that is so often seen in conservative churches. Our young people are quietly rejecting a Biblical stand on this issue because the church’s response is often weak, ineffective, not practical/realistic or non-existent. At the same time, media and schools are presenting a perspective that seems to “make more sense.” One of the things I really appreciated about Lead Them Home is that the “issue” of homosexuality is taken off center stage, and the focus is on ALL of our need for Jesus Christ. We even had one person confess and ask for prayer for a secret addiction unrelated to homosexuality!

Senior Pastor – New England

Thank you for being there for me. I am 21 and grew up in a Christian family. I plan to be faithful to God and not act on same-sex desires. If my family even knows I have these desires, I will be disowned. I have no one to talk to. I am so happy to hear Lead Them Home on the web. I feel very comforted by your program.

Podcast Listener – East Asia

Thank you for the countless hours you have spent ministering to me by phone and prayer. I will never forget when I first heard the words: “Mom, I am gay.” My Christian persona was totally blown by those words. I spewed bitterness at my only son: not offering love, only rejection; and not hearing his pain, his struggles or his fears of losing me. I searched and searched online for help but found nothing. My husband spent many sleepless nights praying for me the whole night as I would wake up trembling and crying uncontrollably. I remember the day when I was at my last rung in the rope, and I hopelessly bent over and cried out: “Where are you God when I need you most?” My husband asked me to search online one last time. I pounded my fist telling him I found no one, but he said, “Honey, I feel you need to try one more time.” This time, your website was the first to catch my attention. You listened to me for hours pour out my heart and I felt the spirit move within you. I heard your response to my pain and hopelessness. It was through your words of encouragement and strength through Christ that I was able to move from that valley of darkness to God’s marvelous light. I now see my son so differently. I now KNOW that he is a wonderful gift from God. The journey has been difficult – but it is worth it! God loves us so much that he invested His ALL for us – shouldn’t we be willing to invest as much as we can in the lives of others – especially our own children? I am a different mom than I was and look forward to continuing to love and grow in this new relationship with my son. I have reached the level ground that I choose to call my plateau of acceptance: accepting my son has a right to be where he is right now, and that I have a right to love him without approving of homosexuality. Like Jesus stayed at Zacchaeus’ home, I plan to stay at the home of my son and his partner. I need to meet my son where he is – and let God do any convicting that needs to be done. God will supply the strength needed for this journey. Thank you for helping me.

An Upper Midwest Mom – Who Deeply Loves Her Only Son

This is my second year in Lead Them Home’s workshop – I come away feeling refreshed with renewed vision each time. The TRUE Gospel is preached: it goes way beyond just sexual orientation; it addresses how we treat ALL people.

University Student
Campus Ministry Workshop

I feel hopeless. I am taking pills to sleep. Your message is encouraging me. No one has ever loved me – thank you for loving me.

Podcast Listener – Southwestern US

You are ultimately on the opposite side – in the camp of those who have repeatedly judged and condemned me. Yet for some reason I get the sense that Lead Them Home is different. I don’t sense any judgment. I am writing to you simply because I have never heard the Gospel offered so purely from the evangelical community. I know you are not changing your theology – as much as I might like you to! Yet this is the Gospel and people who are hurting can be encouraged from your message. There are so many young people who are suicidal. They need a more gentle message like yours.

LGBT+ Radio Listener – New England

I have not stopped crying. My son is gay and I stumbled onto your podcast and blog. Finally, I am getting encouraging answers that will actually help me connect with my son. Thank you for being there.

Mother – Upper Midwest US

I remember when I asked you about changing my son’s sexual orientation. You said, “What about changing the relational orientation between you and your son?” That was when it hit me: if my son is ever to surrender his sexuality to God, it will cost us something too. We must ‘change’ in order to engage our son in ways we have not. Thank you for this insight.

Father – Northeast US

Like many Christian parents of a gay child, we have found that there is a myriad of information and many opinions about what we “should” or “shouldn’t” do or say. Some of it is helpful, some of it only serves to add to the confusion and hurt. The heart and faith behind Lead Them Home enables us to minister well and wisely in this area to our child.

Christian Parents of a Daughter – New England

Lead Them Home gave me permission to love my son right where he is at. I always felt that to be a ‘good’ Christian I needed to pull away. Now I know what was in my heart all along is the right thing to do – to go to my son and to love him right where he is at.

Christian Father of a Son – Midwest US

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