I have personally taken a public stand against the anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda by joining with other evangelicals on Facebook to send a message that this law will violate basic human rights. You can join here.

More personally, I spent my own money to travel to Kenya in 2008 before this bill ever surfaced. What many people do not realize is that homosexual relations are already against the law in Uganda and many other East African nations. I conducted a conference for 80 church leaders from four nations, including Uganda. I have written extensively about the trip (here). 

While it is right to stand against this bill, we must never forget that we in the west also have huge blind spots. If African leaders tend to be overly harsh, that may just be a mirror-opposite reflection of how permissive we are in the west. I do not support this bill, but as in everything, I always want to evaluate others accurately. When I was in Africa, I met many evangelical leaders who would never support this bill.

My ministry presented a challenging message for many African leaders given the lens through which they read scripture, but every one of them – after hearing my presentations – came to understand that they are utterly missing any form of pastoral care approach to this issue. They accepted my message has having deep biblical roots. They came away from the conference sensing a distinct call to care. Yet it will take much more investment to help them move forward. Unfortunately, I lack sufficient funds for the next trip.

If you would like to help fund this trip, simply contact me.

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