Recently, I have been criticized by national LGBT+ leaders. One such organization published an article with many factual errors about our ministry. This does not personally offend me, as I understand and share many of the concerns that these LGBT+ leaders have with the evangelical community.

At the same time, a constant theme keeps emerging in the criticism. This theme is quite similar to what is commonly referred to as the Bush Doctrine: “If you’re not with us, your against us.” This theme basically means, “Unless you agree with us theologically and politically, you’re against us.” Again, I understand why those who fight for gay rights can get locked into this mentality. Is the Christian right any different? No.

Flying under the radar of this older attitude, however, is the emergence of a new spirit of cooperation and collaboration between lower level LGBT+ and evangelical leaders across America. Since I speak at university campus ministries quite regularly, I see this new spirit maturing a bit more each year.  

The “ground troops” are hungry not for more culture war which stresses differences, but peacemaking which stresses mutual respect. There is a new conversation developing and it is awesome to watch unfold. Lead Them Home has been working – along with many others! – toward this destination for many years now.

Footnote: I am happy to give comment for articles written by LGBT+ organizations. We will not agree on everything, but the dialogue can still be beneficial for both communities. All questions and comments are welcome.

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