Our chaotic, fast-paced world of endless “new and provable facts” (the truth war) overwhelm, confuse and distract many. When we trigger backfire in others with our facts, we distract them. When others trigger backfire in us by their facts, guess what? We still distract others.

Proffering “new and provable facts” often fails to change the minds of those committed to a particular belief. The mere pace and prevalency of emerging facts has become a form of materialism. When we over rely upon this approach, we enter into materialism. We may possess “rightness” yet fail to rightly reveal Christ to our world. Attempts to win people to Christ through our positions becomes an exercise in Waiting For Godot

Our Kingdom responsibility compels us to transcend materialistic witnessing by surrendering our “rightness” and maybe even many of our ancillary positions. I am not suggesting that truth is unimportant; nor collapsing into universalism; nor shying away from witnessing; nor suggesting we forget about morality. I am suggesting that we must live our faith in ways that are fruitful for the Kingdom of God in this generation.

If our facts – even provable facts – only cause others to entrench and harden themselves in their own views, then we become a distraction to God’s mission. The cure for being a distraction is to stop being one: to get out of the way. Sometimes, the only way people learn what is good (and true) is by owning their journey.

We tend to have ill-conceived ideas of “cutting people off” when this approach is discussed. Surrendering others to their own journey is neither abandonment nor exclusion. It is letting go of our need to control their conscience. More than ever, we should pray, fast and dwell in their midst as they walk out their journey. And we must wait! Yet we must wait with great confidence that God – who reached us – is able to reach others.

What about our tendency (or right?) to backfire when others present their facts? We must surrender it. What about our right to trigger backfire in others with all of our facts? We must surrender it. Our access to the Kingdom is granted ONLY by the One who surrendered everything to save us. This self-emptying love that flows through the eye of a needle called humility is the model He has established for us to follow.

In light of His ways, we must surrender our rightness in exchange for the real thing: Jesus in us, living through us, transcending material facts to reach those around us. This is how the Kingdom comes on earth.

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