If you experience same-sex attraction but do not identify as LGBT+, who are you? Maybe you have never acted on your desires. Maybe you have come out of homosexuality. In either case, who are you? The world offers you one choice: ex-gay. Even some evangelical leaders limit you to this one option. Yet many in our culture suggest that such a person does not exist; that you’re really gay. So who are you?

When I came to Christ in 1995, it was an incredibly powerful experience. I felt something deep inside me let go. The more I surrendered, the more the Holy Spirit filled me. It felt as if God was flowing into my soul like a spiritual river of supernatural spring water. I did not ask for it, but I knew I would never be the same again.

This surrender did not take away what the Bible calls “mere natural instinct.” It did, however, release me from following this instinct and it released my identity from the desires. I had tried this before on my own and failed miserably. Yet this “release” was about more than sexual desire; it involved my whole life. I was released from thinking money or materialism will satisfy – among other things.

In losing my gay identity, the last thing on my mind was a search for a new identity. I finally found that I am simply God’s child. Within months, though, I encountered men seeking a life outside homosexuality who identified as “ex-gay.” I immediately thought: I am God’s child. I will never accept any other identity. To this day, my identity is rooted only in Jesus, but many still try to put me and my ministry in the “ex-gay” box.

If you have surrendered your sexuality to Jesus, do not settle for empty labels. Just be God’s child…

FOOTNOTE: If you identify as LGBT+, the idea of someone surrendering their sexuality to God may sound threatening or even judgmental. In reality, all people who experience SSA (whether they identify as LGBT+ or not) have many similarities and common life experiences. My ministry will never judge or moralize you. I respect you and your beliefs and your identity. If you are Christian, I see you as my brother/sister in Christ.

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