Traditionally, most evangelical leaders addressed homosexuality exclusively through doctrinal or scriptural teaching. Later, many leaders added personal testimony evidencing that individuals can and do come out of this lifestyle. In more recent years, countless churches have added in-house recovery ministries that offer healing to broken people (including those with same-sex attraction). Each of these approaches has its value. 

In this age of social justice, however, these approaches are associated with the church’s mistreatment of LGBT+ people over the years. To this point, a growing movement within evangelicalism believes that bringing justice to LGBT+ people requires a theological shift toward a pro-gay scriptural interpretation. Is this truly the only way to bring justice? 

Is it possible to retain an historic orthodox view on homosexuality while simultaneously bringing justice to LGBT+ people? My answer is: absolutely. What is needed is the posture shift that we have been discussing (and will continue to discuss in coming weeks). I have shared over the summer what this shift looks like. Now I want to condense two months of blogging into a single, tangible and practical message.

“The One Thing” is a sermon that communicates this posture shift while preserving orthodoxy. I am splitting this message into four parts over the next four days. If you would like assistance preparing a similar message, simply contact me. Church leaders are free to use this as is or adapt it as you see fit.

Click Part 1 to begin reading this special message.  

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