Exodus International announced they are pulling out of the Day of Truth. Many are applauding this move in light of recent LGBT+ teen suicides — including the high profile case of Tyler Climenti. While Exodus states that the Day of Truth is about generating dialogue, the event’s founding was always rooted in the highly political and litigious Alliance Defense Fund (ADF). The mix of politics and litigation with relational outreach was never the best combination, explaining why the Day of Truth was handed off to Exodus.

As I have mentioned on Lead Them Home Radio many times, my problem with the Day of Truth was that — at least in appearance — it was set in direct opposition to the Gay Community’s Day of Silence. Following a decades long history of evangelicals responding tit-for-tat to the advancement of gay rights, it is nearly impossible to escape the appearance that the Day of Truth was established in a similar posture.

More personally, I have encounter gay high school students who feel this event — even if unintentionally — fuels hostile emotions that sometimes turn into acts of bullying. I have read of many LGBT+ persons extending generous credit to Exodus for being sensitive in light of recent events. The act of dropping the Day of Truth may just generate the dialogue this event was intended to inspire. Good decision Exodus.

Lead Them Home created an alternative approach several years ago. Gay and Evangelical Views: Two Voices, One Dialogue (or Crossing the Divide) fosters genuine dialogue by featuring the stories of evangelicals who experience SSA and people of faith in the Gay Community who identify as LGBT+. We host this event at university campuses. Beyond debate, it’s about listening to one another — and it works.

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