Clint McCance recently appeared on Anderson Cooper. He apologized for his statements about recent gay teen suicides and resigned from the Midland School District Board of Education. Some will suggest that McCance apologized only because he got caught. I understand this viewpoint. Sometimes, however, getting caught is what teaches us to be sorry. Just because getting caught is the driver for his apology, this does not mean he did not learn from his grievous mistake. In the interview, he hints that he was getting hammered with personal emails well before 70,000 people joined a Facebook page calling for his firing. In other words, he was forced to look at his own words. When he was forced to really think about his words and their impact on families who have lost teenage children to bullying, he “got it.” I think he is sincere in his realization of just how hateful his comments were. You decide. Here is Clint McCance in his own words:  

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