When we cease to view homosexuality as over there, a deep realization hits us: a certain percentage of evangelical children will mature into non-heterosexual orientations by no fault of their own. We often watch these kids leave the church one by one. What would it take to keep them in the church? I am not asking how we might prevent or cure homosexuality – I am asking: how can we nourish spiritual identity in these kids? 

This realization presents an opportunity for us to offer redemptively creative ministry; to build a foundation upon which these teens who are tempted to identify by their sexual urges might discover the deeper significance of identification in Jesus Christ. As I said in my previous post, this foundation can only be built if we first recognize that these are our kids. They need us. 

This new foundation does not have to compromise orthodox theology. It does, however, require our posture and our praxis to dramatically change. Instead of so much focus on “what we can say” to convince these teens of a certain belief, this new model challenges us to build a foundation upon which those who experience same-sex attraction (SSA) can surrender their sexuality to Christ and pursue a life of purity; a life that is purposeful and satisfying.

We are good at preaching purity, but it often gets expressed with little understanding of the powerful drives and intimate needs that those with SSA face. Were they to actually surrender their will to act upon their need for romantic and sexual intimacy, what would they need? To avoid missing how humbling this question is, what would it cost “you and me” to surrender our need for romantic and sexual expression? For the rest of our lives… 

We will better understand just how deep this question hits home if we recognize that many of us with a biblical route to sexual expression struggle to contain romantic and sexual drive within the marriage covenant. Were we to totally suspend or surrender these drives ourselves, what would it cost us? What about evangelical teens who experience potentially life-long SSA: what will it cost them?

What will we do to help bear that cost with them?  

Tomorrow, I will formally announce Lead Them Home’s most important news since our formation five years ago. We are launching a new ministry endeavor in the metro Boston area that will help build spiritual identity in evangelical teens who experience SSA. Join me tomorrow to learn more.

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