Dear Friends,

I hope your year is winding down to a joy-filled Christmas pause. On behalf of our directors, I want to extend our sincere gratitude to the church and ministry leaders who trusted us to serve them – as well as each individual, family and church that supported our ministry with prayers and financial gifts. We thank you for your continued commitment in the midst of challenging economic times. We pray that you are seeing the fruit of the Kingdom in our service to you.

I invite those in Greater Boston to our next Posture Shift seminar at North River Community Church in Pembroke (MA) on January 21st. This event will equip you for effective outreach to and pastoral care of LGBT+ and SSA persons.

Please help propel us into 2012 with a year-end gift. Thanks for your support!

In Christ,

Bill J. Henson, Jr.
Founder and President

Glimpses of 2011

Our year kicked off with a 4-week teaching series at Grace Chapel (Lexington, MA) called “January Jolt.” This series yielded robust participation and affirmed the hunger among evangelicals to get Jesus right for LGBT+ loved ones.

Throughout the year, I consulted pastoral teams on a range of issues from how to care for gay teens to sermon design and content. The post-culture war silence on homosexuality has not been healthy. Church leaders are now returning to the topic – notably, with increased sensitivity for effective outreach and pastoral care. It is a joy to prove that radical care does not have to threaten moral truth.

One of the most exciting events of 2011 was our Posture Shift seminar at Houston Chinese Church (HCC) in Houston, TX. Homosexuality can be a difficult topic for many ethnic churches. However, our changing culture is driving a much higher need for these churches to get equipped. We saw this rise occur in 2011.

The HCC pastoral team courageously invited their congregation and area Chinese pastors. Over 150 people attended. Near the end, Pastor F. invited young adults who struggle with
sexuality and gender to privately meet with us. He said he wanted them to know they have spiritual support in their home church. Several young men responded and opened their hearts to “their” pastor. HCC deserves top honors for “living out” the Posture Shift teaching.

Please join me for Posture Shift at North River Community Church in Pembroke, MA on January 21, 2012! Contact us if you’re interested in attending.

Church Leaders: Request
our PDF brochure to learn about Posture Shift 2012

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