Just because you do not see it does not mean it is not happening

A huge part of our mission is to prevent anti-gay bullying and gay teen suicide. 

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Brandon Elizares – 16 years old – El Paso, Texas

Died June 2, 2012 – Age 16

Zachalvn Elizares, speaking about her son, says, “He worried about everyone else before himself. He would say, ‘It’s OK, it does not bother me.’ ” The problem is that bullying does bother young people: it destroys their hope, squashes their self-worth and kills their will to live. Bullying kills…

“He’s been threatened to be stabbed. He’s been threatened to be set on fire,” Zachalvn reports. She notes that the school did everything it possibly could. It was apparently not enough to save her son.

On Monday, I shared the journal of a man who felt judged. He wrote: “Maybe I couldn’t make it.” Brandon’s suicide note reads: “My name is Brandon Joseph Elizares, and I couldn’t make it.”  

God rest his soul.

Credits: El Paso Times and Huffington Post 
Visit Brandon’s Facebook memorial page

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