As Christmas approaches, I am completing year-end counseling sessions. Max, 19, identifies as gay. He desperately hungers for God’s presence. His history is painfully tough – his non-religious father has practically disowned him, and he was bullied for many years at school. 

Max is a giver and today he arrives with a gift. His card reads: “Bill, you have truly made a difference in my life. You absolutely make God proud!” Thank you Max for your generous heart. I have no doubt that you will find God for he is already seeking you. He is proud of you, Max! And He loves you…

While counseling is important and a great joy for me, our training seminars represent the 99% of our mission. Below is feedback from church leaders and attendees of our 2012 training events.  


“Lead Them Home’s teaching is missing curricula in seminary preparation of divinity students for real ministry life. Every seminary student should be required to learn this material.”

“This teaching is crucial: it is the best training on LGBT+ outreach and care that I have seen.”


“Posture Shift is an eye-opening
experience that has broadened my understanding. I see so many
applications for this teaching in other challenging areas of ministry!”

Difficult! Challenging! Thought-provoking! Mind-blowing at times. Full
of integrity and humility. I am so grateful and over-joyed that I
attended Posture Shift!”

“Impressive! A wake-up call to the church: every faith community needs Posture Shift!”

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Thanks everyone for your generous “gifts” of feedback and financial support. Please share Lead Them Home with others. God bless you and Merry Christmas!

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