I was privileged to spend a few hours speaking with Jeff Chu as be wrote Does Jesus Really Love Me? While our theological beliefs differ, it was a joy to get to know Jeff and share Lead Them Home. 

Jeff is editor and writer at Fast Company and a former London-based TIME Magazine staff writer. He writes about a tough topic that impacts hm personally: Jeff is a gay Christian. He grew up in an evangelical family and attended private Christian school. 

His book is engaging: a personal revelation of his private journey and a public investigation of what others think and believe about homosexuality. I am recommending Jeff’s book for several reasons:

  • As an Asian-American with an evangelical background, his writings will influence the dialogue on faith and sexuality. Jeff will be a convincing voice throughout our culture – specifically, within the Asian-American community.  
  • The number of Asian-American young adults contacting Lead Them Home for spiritual guidance regarding same-sex attraction is rising rapidly. This reflects a delayed but growing acceptance of homosexuality among Asian-Americans. The young people I engage will read Jeff’s book in search of all possible answers.  It is important to know what they are reading. 
  • Jeff’s interview with Westboro Baptist Church’s Fred Phelps is eery and totally intriguing.
  • Jeff includes a brief mention of Lead Them Home.     

Read it. Think through Jeff’s conclusions. Gain insights from others’ viewpoints. Then, go back to scripture. I believe Jeff’s book can help bridge the gap in your ability to engage LGBT+ neighbors and loved ones. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions as you are reading his book.

For another Asian American experience, see my friend Christopher Yuan’s Out of a Far Country. His book  is a powerful revelation of how God allows us to trek on our own before radically invading our hearts. You will be deeply moved by Christopher’s book. 

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