Lead Them Home just presented Family Care seminar in Houston this past weekend. We always try to reach families before the holidays when loved ones return home. Parents come with heartbreaking stories, confusion, and seemingly unresolvable hurts. They have many tough questions that cannot always get answered from their local church leaders. Even sons and daughters come desiring to know how to better relate to a gay parent.

Family Care seminar is a justice work that seeks to enhance family connection through relational acceptance and trust-building actions, attitudes and words. Our teaching will not compromise your biblical beliefs: it will challenge judgmental and rejecting attitudes and behaviors.

Our mission is to equip families to radically love LGBT+ loved ones. We aim to eliminate parent rejection, anti-gay attitudes and isolation – all of which are some of the leading risk factors for suicide in LGBT+ youth and young adults. We hope our seminar will lower LGBT+ teen homelessness.

One of the greatest benefits is families connecting with other families. Hearing other families struggle and explore answers increases support and fosters stronger commitment to love well.

Contact us to learn about hosting Family Care at your church.

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