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Lead Them Home trained the national leadership teams of eleven (11) ministries,
including denominations and campus/student ministries. Posture Shift was featured at several prominent conferences
including                                             (NYC),
National Consultation, and                                   ‘s National Leadership Summit.

thanks to                                        and                                               

generously sharing and expanding our work.

featured our work in May 2014.                                            Seminary incorporated Posture Shift into their pastoral
psychology curriculum.                                   hosted our gay teen suicide prevention justice
seminar, The Church That Saves Lives.
Posture Shift was shared via Skype at                            Bible College. We are now providing
manuscript feedback for professor                            ‘s upcoming book on homosexuality.

continued to equip church partners like                      (Boston) and                                                    (Houston). We presented Family Care seminar in Boston and
Houston. This seminar helps parents and families build a strong relational
witness to LGBT+ loved ones. We experienced high growth in our private
consulting of church leaders across America. Finally, we continued to provide
ongoing help to dozens of individuals and families.

For 2015, our Posture Shift events include four                                          regional conferences  and                                 conference. Our other events will train national and regional ministries in addition to local church leaders all across America.

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To learn the ministries and churches that we worked with in 2014, 

simply email your full name, title, ministry or church and organization website.


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