Lead Them Home is pleased to offer our nationally leading consulting services to a Boston-based ministry today.
Our consulting is designed exclusively for key decision makers who must navigate how to enhance inclusion and access to Jesus for all people while maintaining clear biblical beliefs in an atmosphere where the belief gap across all matters of human sexuality is widening. The goal is to help evangelical ministries radically love without threatening sound orthodoxy. This is a rapidly growing segment of our ministry services to the evangelical community. 

If you are a church or ministry leader, ask about our consulting services today. If you are new to working with Lead Them Home, it is highly recommended that you first invite us to train your leadership team on Posture Shift. Get a brief glimpse here. After Posture Shift, we can then consult with your decision makers
around structuring inclusion in a manner that preserves orthodoxy and cares for people well. To obtain a Posture Shift proposal, contact us today.   

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