Lead Them Home presented Posture Shift before 1,200 national leaders of one of the largest evangelical ministries in North America. We conducted back-to-back 2-hour versions of Posture Shift and have followed up with numerous leaders post-event. To experience our 4-hour Posture Shift seminar, simple contact us for 2016 dates.

Our evangelical community is ready to radically love ALL people. Leaders across the country are raising their hands, asking for help and humbly confessing past mistakes.

One national leader reported: “We have been struggling on our own striving to figure out how to do the most basic elements of loving people, relating well, conversing effectively all while honoring God’s Word. Posture Shift has addressed all our confusion by bringing together an effective teaching platform that every church leader in America needs to experience.”

One LGBT+ person who attended Posture Shift said: “This was NOT what I thought it was going to be. I felt my inner heart giving you the evil eye as I saw you walk up on the platform. I was incredibly suspicious of your motivations and what you would teach. I understand there is a dramatic belief gap between us, but I just want to say thank you for honoring me as your brother in Christ and for refusing to judge LGBT+ people. This was a powerful evening for me to experience the church learning to be the church.”

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