Lead Them Home presented a peacemaker message that evangelical churches can radically love LGBT+ persons at a Houston church in which members are somewhat divided over what the bible teaches about homosexuality. It was an honor to listen to peoples’ concerns and share our vision for ministry.

FEEDBACK: One person said, “I thought tonight was going to be a fight. Thank you for clarifying with humility that the Gospel calls all of us to care well for ALL people – whether we ever agree with one another theologically or not. We needed to hear this.”

POST NOTE: One reader emailed to ask, “Why does Lead Them Home promote different beliefs on the bible and homosexuality,” after reading this post. To clarify, Lead Them Home has always held to and continues to hold to an orthodox belief regarding the scriptures and sexuality. Just because we get hired to serve a church divided in their own beliefs does not in any way indicate that our beliefs are changing. We have been hired not only by divided churches but also by open-and-affirming churches. Why, you ask? Our Posture Shift seminar is a national model for increasing care to LGBT+ persons and it is routinely being called one of the most transforming messages in the church today. Even open-and-affirming church leaders are interested in learning more and increasing their pastoral care skills. Lead Them Home will do our best to humbly serve where asked to serve.

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