On the second day of our 2-day Posture Shift Intensives course, we had a full-day of additional teaching and extended Q & A time with attendees.

In 2016, Lead Them Home is launching a new Justice Initiative intended to help homeless gay youth and young adults recover from being disowned or rejected by their families. We are exploring a partnership with a couple who live in one of America’s largest gay communities. They are actively caring for homeless young adults who have been rejected by their families. We featured  this couple’s work building relationships with gay homeless youth and opening amazing doors for Christ’s love to reach this community.

Gay teen homelessness is often a “statistic,” but this couple’s work is allowing us to get to know the names and the stories of young people who are homeless due to family rejection.

Leaders also had an opportunity to hear from a 22-year-old male who experiences gender dysphoria. He gave a gripping account of the impact of growing up being bullied and what it feels like to experience dysphoria. Leaders responded with deep love and affection for this young man, whom Lead Them Home has cared for since he was 15 years old. It was such an honor to have him join us for our Intensives course.

Lead Them Home will host additional 2-day open-access events through 2016 and beyond. Register to attend our remaining 2016 2-day open-access events in Boston (June 14-15, 2016) and Indianapolis (August 23-24, 2016).

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