Lead Them Home is pleased to announce our new Justice Initiative to address the impact of gay teen homelessness due to family rejection:

Lead Them Home works with Christians living as missionaries in one of the largest gay communities in America. They conduct friendship and street ministry as a part of their daily lives. They directly care for basic needs of LGBT+ young adults who are homeless. These young people are not welcome to return home solely because of their sexuality. One was told by his mother, “You are not welcome back until you say you are not gay.” This young man lives on the streets and in shelters, but more often has to “exchange services” for housing. He is now HIV+ as a result.

Starting in 2016, we plan to originate Justice Partners to pay for survival packs and invest in life recovery assistance (Such as college funding) for young people living in transitory housing. One young man recently said, “I think I have worked through being disowned by my family. I need to get off the streets. I want to go to college and move forward with my life.” He lacks the funds to make this happen and has no family support.

We have worked for a decade to prevent family rejection. We have taught on the statistics of gay teen and young adult homelessness. Now, through direct connection with missionaries on the ground, we will know the young people behind the statistics — and help them in Christ’s name.



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