Rev. Jonathan G. Smith, host of Grace On Fire podcast (a podcast by My Grace Nation), interviewed Lead Them Home Founder & President Bill Henson on “How to Love LGBT+ People in the Church.” Listen to the full podcast here.

Here is My Grace Nation’s summary of the material covered in the interview:

Let’s face it. The church has not been a very safe place for LGBT+ people. The result? Often hurting people are left hopeless and helpless. Bill Henson addresses this head-on by giving an insight look into the challenges confronting LGBT+ people in the church.

To better understand why this issue matters, Jonathan and Bill discuss the challenges many LGBT+ people feel when growing up as teenagers. Bill shares statistics related to gay teen bullying, suicide, and homelessness. Sometimes these things happen even in our own houses of worship. To combat this trend, Bill discusses the need for the church to shift its focus from failed cultural wars to gospel-centered justice.

Listen to the full podcast here.


Further Learning on Growing up LGBT+

To learn more about what it is often like to grow up LGBT+, read Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones, available at

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