Lead Them Home was privileged to join Orlando’s Pulse Memorial on June 12, 2017. Our team included 15 people from 8 states across America. We delivered 1,000 memorial candles in an evening lighting ceremony. Other mourners joined us in arranging the candles into a stream of “love” accented with a cross. We also gave sympathy cards to the families of all 49 victims.

UPDATE: Only days after our return, there is a news report of an Ohio school worker inciting violence against LGBT+ people on Facebook. The worker “encouraged violence and expressed hope” that Columbus’s LGBT+ festival “turns out like the Boston marathon.” Hatred and violence must be confronted.

May God continue to comfort the surviving families and friends of Pulse victims.

Experience aspects of the 1-year memorial by scrolling through the images and captions below. Our thanks to everyone who gave toward our 1,000 candles as well as those who prayed for our trip.


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