Two nights ago, we held a Family Care Seminar for parents of LGBT+ people of all ages attend. Some even drove hours just to attend.

During the event, many parents shared difficult stories. One mother shared: “When our son came out, it was to the entire world on Facebook. We received both supportive and insensitive responses.”

After the event, one parent said:

“Tonight was a sign of relief. We gained answers to questions we’ve had for years. We worry about how our church will respond to our family. Even amidst those worries, Family Care was a safe place where we experienced how valuable our child is to us in a community of other loving parents of LGBT+ loved ones.”

Altogether, Family Care is always a reminder of how much need there is for parents to have a voice and gain answers to their questions. If you are a parent, learn more about Family Care and events near you here.

Josh Proctor