Lead Them Home Founder & President Bill Henson was interviewed on Grace On Fire Podcast by Rev. Jonathan G. Smith on the topic of gender dysphoria. Listen to the full podcast here.

In the past 12 years, Lead Them Home has provided support to over 4,000 LGBT+ individuals and families and has trained over 50,000 ministry leaders on biblically sound LGBT+ inclusion and care. Bill Henson shares a biblical basis and missional framework for LGBT+ ministry, his dynamic experience walking with transgender individuals, and practical tips on caring for transgender loved ones as Christians seeking to honor God.

Bill Henson says of Lead Them Home:

“We are a missionary organization focused on holding us [the Church] accountable as missionaries as to whether we’re being effective in reaching marginalized people. . . .

Oftentimes, transgender people are blamed for their own pain, and then we blame them for not coming to Christ.  Lead Them Home says, ‘No, we’re the missionaries, we have the Gospel, we’reborn again, we’re empowered by the Spirit. Are we actually being missionaries, honoring God in how we reach out to people?

‘Does our witness look like the footsteps of Jesus?”

Listen to the full podcast on My Grace Nation.

Are you a ministry leader looking to enhance care for transgender individuals in your ministry context? Consider inviting Lead Them Home to train your staff on our Posture Shift ministry framework. Fill out our form to start the conversation.

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