Guiding Families author Bill Henson hosted a Boston launch party celebrating the significant editorial work of our staff and volunteer team. Over 20 of our 25 core editors traveled to Boston to share a special dinner celebrating the release of Guiding Families.

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For many, it was the opportunity to meet face-to-face for the first time after spending many months working together. Our editorial team gave sacrificially offering dozens of hours in video conference calls reading and discussing multiple drafts. Pictured above is just a portion of our editorial team.

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The arrival of our first inventory has been an exciting moment for our team following nearly six months and hundreds of hours of work. We are now processing the mailing of all pre-orders.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased Guiding Families.

To get your copy, order today. Expedited shipping is now available.

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Our second edition of Guiding Families is a game-changer. We aim to eliminate family rejection of LGBT+ loved ones in this generation. From our first edition, we received numerous reports of young lives being saved from suicidality and fractured family relationships being restored.

Guiding Families is for every pastor, every parent, and all who care.

Why pastors?

It’s simple. We care for many parents, but pastors care for countless more!

Pastors are often the first point of support for parents when teens come out. Our resource offers an on-demand, interactive plan to quickly equip pastors when Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones.

Order a copy for your team today! Bulk discounts available.

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