We recently finished a West Coast Posture Shift tour with multiple events mostly in California. The events included Posture Shift seminars and others, both private and public. Our last event was a condensed Posture Shift course in San Luis Obispo, CA for church leaders around the area.

Amazing stories and responses as leaders began to grasp of Posture Shift filled our events throughout this trip, but something especially great happened at San Luis Obispo (also known as SLO).

Posture Shift exists to train the church to become a leader in bringing justice for those who are victims to LGBT+ bullying and stopping LGBT+ bullying in the future. At Posture Shift SLO, the stories of the participants made clear the power and devastation of bullying in lives.

First of all, one young man in his late twenties confessed to bullying boys for being in middle school. When realizing the role he probably played in creating trauma in those boys lives, his heart was touched. The impact Posture Shift made on him was clear as we discussed the trauma which bullying brings into an LGBT+ person’s life.

Another man in his seventies who is actually straight also opened up about the life-long trauma that has impacted his life from being bullied growing up. You could see the emotion as he shared his experience. His story exemplified that, as Posture Shift teaches, LGBT+ bullying does not just affect LGBT+ young people. LGBT+ bullying hurts all young people!

LGBT+ bullying is still a major issue through our schools and churches across the country. Thankfully though, Christians are beginning to wake up and see that we are responsible as the Church to save young people’s lives.

Did you get to attend one of our events these past few weeks? Did we not get the opportunity to hear how Posture Shift impacted you? Or are you interested in sharing how you have implemented Posture Shift in your life and ministry? We want to hear from you! Please email us at info@leadthemhome.org and tell us your story!

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Josh Proctor