Lead Them Home was recently invited to speak on the Christian Civics Podcast. Christian Civics exists to “empower the church to be lamps on stands across the political spectrum.”

Listen to the full episode (or read the transcript) here.

In the episode of Christian Civics Podcast, Bill Henson, founder and president of Lead Them Home, talks about what it feels like to lose power and relevancy in society while still maintaining our Christian witness and confidence.


Not Earthly Solutions, but God’s Solutions

In one portion of the interview, Bill Henson considers the place of cultural power in missional and relational effectiveness.

“If you look in the Old Testament, there’s this trajectory of God’s people (1) being close to him, (2) being close to him and comfortable, (3) being comfortable and moving away from him, and (4) remaining comfortable and away from him. Then (5) suddenly devastation starts to occur in their lives, but (6) they still don’t return to him. They keep persisting. They keep pushing forward. Until finally (7) they get to a place where they are such a minority voice — so persecuted, so oppressed, so attacked — that they actually get desperate enough maybe even to repent of their own sins! They get desperate enough to cry out to God.

And every time that they cry out to God, God’s voice returns: ‘For my name’s sake, I heard them. For my name’s sake, I heard them.’ Not, ‘Because they were good, I heard them.’ ‘For my name’s sake, I heard my people cry out, and I will answer their prayer.’

. . . Lead Them Home has cultivated a desperation of crying out to God for solutions rather than looking for earthly solutions. . . . [W]hereas many evangelicals might bemoan the idea that we have lost cultural power, from a gospel/kingdom perspective, it could be a tremendous work of God that is about to unfold.

And I think God’s people losing their power is the beginning of God being able to do something amazing.”


About Christian Civics

Christian Civics is a non-partisan ministry helping pastors and ministry leaders (1) integrate civic stewardship into their community’s program of spiritual formation, and (2) integrate political de-polarization into their vision for witness and evangelism.

Listen to the full podcast episode (or read the full transcript) here.


Changing Your Church’s Posture

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