Today, we kicked off our third and final Posture Shift Train50 event for the summer. Train50 is a unique expression of our Posture Shift ministry training: not only do leaders learn Posture Shift themselves, but they are trained to train other leaders and laypersons in the congregation.

Posture Shift is one of Lead Them Home’s three primary branches of its vision to create safe churches and strong families to nourish faith identity in LGBT+ people. Through Posture Shift, ministry leaders learn a missiological approach to LGBT+ inclusion and care. This approach takes best-practice ideas from time-tested effective missions strategies and applies them in the context of LGBT+ outreach and care.

Future Posture Shift Trainings

This will be our final Train50 (“training trainers”) event for the year, but we still offer private and open-access trainings to church and ministry staff.

Request a proposal today to start discussing a date to train your team!

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