We are very excited about a new book coming out in 2019! Pastor Bruce Miller will be releasing his brand new book giving on reaching and caring for LGBT+ people as a pastor. Bill Henson was brought on for review and editing throughout the book and Posture Shift is extensively mentioned throughout it.

The book summary reads:

Many books have been written about marriage and single sexuality, LGBT people, and what the Bible says about these issues. Opinions are divided and discussions often hostile and polarizing. But Christian leaders agree that they want their churches to be places of grace, loving communities where everyone can flourish in Christ and disagreements are overcome in a Christlike spirit. So, how does a church do that and stay true to its biblical standards? Bruce Miller offers help beyond platitudes with a biblical theology of sexuality, how to talk to church leadership and members, a fresh vision for singleness, a broader view of masculinity and femininity, and wise pastoral options for people who identify as LGBT.

Bruce also addresses a wide range of day-to-day decisions, such as baby dedications, small groups, who can serve, membership, baptism, retreats, the Lord’s Supper, weddings, funerals, teaching, and hiring and firing. Leaders facing these confusing issues and decisions regarding sexuality will greatly benefit from this practical, grace-filled book.

Bill himself predicts the book will have a major impact reaching pastors on the importance and practicality of Posture Shift. If you are a pastor or a church or ministry leader, you will definitely want to add this book to your collection.

Pre-order you copy today here. The book is expected to be released on April 9th next year.

Josh Proctor