Next week, Posture Shift will be featured at the Adventist 2018 Teacher’s Convention on August 6th-8th in Chicago, IL. The event is slated to draw around 7,000 educators and attendees from all over the country.

2018 Teacher’s Convention Overview

The 2018 Teacher’s Convention is designed for educators in the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) education system.

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Why this is such great news for faith-based education

Typically, some of the gravest risks LGBT+ youth face can occur at school. For decades, LGBT+ youth have been verbally harassed and physically assaulted in-person or online by classmates. According to the 2015 GLSEN School Climate Survey:

  • 85% of LGBT+ youth had reported being verbally harassed,
  • 48% electronically harassed,
  • 27% physically harassed, and
  • 13% physically assaulted.

In the same survey, 57% did not report the bullying at their school because they didn’t believe it would stop the harm at their school. And of those who did report, 65% said reporting the bullying to adults indeed did not stop the harm.

The latest studies show that LGBT+ students still experience consistently higher rates of bullying and mistreatment at school:

  • LGBT+ youth are 91% more likely to be bullied than their heterosexual peers (Boston Children’s Hospital, 2015).
  • 30% of LGBT+ youth missed at least one day of school in the past month because they felt unsafe or uncomfortable (School Climate Survey, 2015).

Faith-based education can be a difficult place for LGBT+ students. In the late 2000s, a cluster of eight gay teen suicides occurred as a result of intense bullying that was left unaddressed in a conservative Christian area. It took federal involvement for the school district to make necessary changes in their anti-bullying policies.

Celebrating Adventists Prioritizing LGBT+ Student Care

We are honored to serve Adventists teachers and administrators. Last year, the SDA conducted an internal study on the care of LGBT+ within their denomination. Posture Shift is a critical next step to enhance mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual care.

Are you a Christian educator at a faith-based institution? Contact us about bringing Posture Shift to equip your fellow Christian educators.

Josh Proctor