This week, Bill Henson presented Posture Shift at the 2018 Teachers Convention, a conference designed to equip Christian teachers in the Seventh-Day Adventist education system (Adventist Education).

Registration for the 2018 SDA Teachers Convention in Chicago, IL.

If you think teachers in a denomination school system sounds like a niche audience, think again: the Adventist school system is one of the largest Christian educational systems in the world. Founded in 1853, the Adventist school system today consists of  85,000 teachers, 1.5 million students, and 7,500 schools in nearly 150 countries.

Auditorium for main sessions at the 2018 Teachers Convention. Approximately 7,000 teachers and administrators were in attendance.


A Milestone for Enhancing Care of LGBT+ Students

A learning environment that nourishes LGBT+ students mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and socially drastically improves outcomes for their well-being in adolescence and adulthood. We thank God for the SDA denomination, which is seeking to provide just such an environment for non-straight students growing up in their school systems!

The main auditorium, with 7,000 chairs filled nearly to capacity. Bill Henson’s breakout session also took place in this room, with approximately 500 in attendance.

“Loving LGBT+ Youth in Our Schools:” Reception of the Teaching

Approximately 500 teachers, principals, guidance counselors, administrators, and other school faculty attended Lead Them Home’s breakout session, entitled “Loving LGBT+ Youth in Our Christian Schools.”

The workshop was received positively, and many educators began to change their posture toward LGBT+ young people. One educator gave the following feedback:

The moment you framed LGBT+ relational care as a missiological matter, my spirit quickened as I realized my responsibility. It did not just demand of me — God freed me to listen and learn passionately to insights I might otherwise have missed.

Posture Shift is a biblically sound, missiological model for LGBT+ care and inclusion in any ministry environment. Posture Shift releases educators, ministry leaders, and more to love well, replacing fear with confidence as they honor God in their beliefs while radically loving LGBT+ people.

A pillar states the vision of the 2018 Teachers Convention: “Encounter Jesus; experience excellence.”

In addition to experiencing the workshop, all conference attendees walked away with a free copy of the Adventist Edition of Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones. We are so grateful and impressed with the generosity of this denomination as they seek to enhance care for LGBT+ youth in their care!

Educators: Train Your Faculty and Staff

Are you a Christian educator? Whether you serve at a Christian school or secular school, Posture Shift can equip you to ministry to LGBT+ youth with confidence, humility, understanding, and passion. Consider training your faculty and staff or bringing together other Christian educators to experience Posture Shift. Request a proposal today!




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