This month, a pastor named Keith wrote to Lead Them Home sharing his family’s journey with their college-age child, Kamryn, who had recently come out as transgender.

Earlier this year, Keith and his wife Donna dove through our book, Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones, designed for every parent, pastor, and all who care for LGBT+ people. Guiding Families is a magazine-style resource that allows Christian parents and ministry leaders to honor God in their beliefs while radically loving LGBT+ people in their midst.

Honoring God and Loving our LGBT+ Kids

Perhaps the most interesting part of the story is how Keith and his wife came across Guiding Families. It was their LGBT+ child, Kamryn, who first read through Guiding Families and shared the book with their parents.

“Over the summer, Kamryn was home from college and took my wife and me through Guiding Families, as though Kamryn was the group facilitator,” Keith recalls. “Kamryn thought this was the best material they had ever seen to help families navigate faith and family. They even met with the pastors and leaders of our church and shared their story.”

“Kamryn thought this was the best material they had ever seen to help families navigate faith and family.”

Now, Keith and Donna have decided to start a study group for other Christian parents who are also seeking to honor God in their biblical beliefs while walking with their LGBT+ children — no matter their age or stage. Keith wrote, “Please pray for us as we begin taking other families through Guiding Families, beginning tomorrow night. It is going to be powerful and healing.”

More than a dozen parent groups have formed since the release of Guiding Families in May.

Starting Your Group

Are you a pastor or parent looking to increase support for parents of LGBT+ children in your church or ministry? Guiding Families was designed to make groups like this possible! With six sections that each end with questions for discussion and reflection, you can divide the content however your group sees fit.

For more information on how to get your group started, visit leadthemhome.org/groups.

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