1,000 leaders. 5 states. 7 events. 2 weeks.

This January, Lead Them Home is celebrating a successful 2019 West Coast Tour. Read on for a summary celebrating how God has blessed this trip.

Seattle, WA

Lead Them Home presented a 4-hour seminar to staff and faculty of a private Christian school. In an environment where the school serves students and families across varying Christian denominations, Posture Shift offered a way forward for the school to radically love LGBT+ students within their context.

“Critical information to have at this moment in our culture.” –Seattle Educator

“Truly priceless information. I am forever grateful for it.” –Seattle Educator

San Jose, CA

Lead Them Home presented Posture Shift 2-Day Intensives to the leadership of a local church in the San Jose area. Leaders thoughtfully considered the course material and were able to to define steps forward to enhance LGBT+ inclusion and care in their church. One leader said, “Lead Them Home’s humble approach is helpful in working through complex issues. Thank you for modeling this!”

Portland, OR

Posture Shift Intensives – Portland, Oregon

Lead Them Home presented Posture Shift Intensives to 400 evangelical teachers, administrators, and pastors in Oregon.

Our Posture Shift training calls leaders to “Radical Love.” At our Portland event, this exhortation became a call to action that ignited passion in many hearts. Several leaders gave brief devotions at breaks. “Radical Love” began flowing through these devotions real-time, and attendees began latching onto it and owning it with biblical confidence.

High school students were among those in attendance at the conference. During one of the sessions, students went on stage and gave a passionate call for adult leaders to lead with biblical integrity and dramatically up their efforts to live out Radical Love.

Here are some of the things various leaders said about Posture Shift:

“Posture Shift changed the entire trajectory of our church network from being immobilized for over a decade to establishing buy-in and mobilizing commitment to implement ‘radical love’ for LGBT+ people while honoring God. Our sense of hope has been renewed!” –Christian educator

“In our culture, we cannot love LGBT+ people. Posture Shift gave me the biblical justification to call my people into scripture to declare ‘Yes we can! Yes we must! Yes we will!’ Jesus would have us do this. Only the Pharisees would demand that we not love people. In that approach, Satan wins. With Posture Shift, Jesus wins.” –Latino pastor

“Usually I follow up on a message like this and say ‘Despite what you heard, this is not feasible for our church.’ In this instance, I can’t say that. Posture Shift is transformative without undermining legal concerns.” –Attorney


Denver, CO | Posture Shift Intensives

Posture Shift Intensives – Denver, CO

Lead Them Home presented an open-access Posture Shift Intensives in Denver, CO, hosted by a local church. Fifty church and ministry leaders attended, visiting from 11 different states. Leaders were moved by the teaching and thoughtfully discussed how to enhance inclusion and care in the churches.

Four panelists joined us at this event to share about their experience of being LGBT+/SSA in the church. Feedback from leaders showed that the panel helped leaders understand LGBT+ people in the context of their holistic, lived experience.

“A number of times as you shared, I felt the prompting of the Spirit to write to our child. As a thank you and testimony of the Lord’s continued work, I am sharing with you what I have written to her.” –Parent of LGBT+ child

“It was SO helpful how you documented in such a clear, helpful way the psychological reality that LGBT people carry day by day. The panel time really helped bring all of this home. This background understanding, wrapped in the context of a missiological approach that involves building understanding for the purpose of Gospel-growth, was so helpful! This discussion in the church has been delayed for a long time because there is a lack of basic understanding by non-LGBT Christians of the reality that LGBT people face.” –Church leader

Denver, CO | ECC Midwinter Conference

Seminars on Guiding Families and Posture Shift presented to 400 people at ECC Midwinter.

The week following our 2-day Denver Posture Shift Intensives, Lead Them Home presented two seminars at Midwinter 2019, the national denominational conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church. This conference included a morning presentation on Guiding Families, guiding leaders through some of the content of the book and equipping them to use Guiding Families as a group study back home in their unique ministry context. This was our first time conducting a seminar specifically on Guiding Families outside of a Family Care Seminar.

Leaders listen to Posture Shift Exposure teaching and discuss at their tables during our afternoon seminar.

In the afternoon, Bill presented Posture Shift Exposure. Leaders asked good questions and discussed different ministry scenarios at their tables.

After seeing a presentation on historic violence toward LGBT+ people throughout history, one leader broke into tears, confessing, “This is the first time I’ve truly made the space to have empathy for the LGBT+ community.”

“My heart was broken. And, it seems we can only make drastic changes when something truly breaks our heart. I appreciate momentum behind this: We’re not raising little children. We’re raising faithful, courageous, God honoring, compassionate adults. I look forward to absorbing words of grace as I read Guiding Families so that I can love come with confidence and share the resource with others in my church.” –Church leader

“The content of Posture Shift is not a theological debate; rather, it gets to the core of the gospel. Our mission field is among us. Regarding LGBTQ+ people, this is the tool we can use in order to ‘build a well,’ feed those who are starving, and wipe away tears.” –Church leader


Phoenix, AZ

Lead Them Home presented Posture Shift 1-Day Condensed Intensives to state-level denominational leaders in Phoenix. The Holy Spirit’s presence was felt at this event as leaders were presented with Posture Shift as a way to honor God and radically love people.

Leaders commented on wishing they had even more time to ask questions. They left the training feeling moved, equipped with more guidance, and looking forward to implementing Posture Shift in their context.

“I was very moved by the approach of this program. It resonates with the call of every child of God to love one another – for exactly who they are.” –Arizona pastor

“This information is vital for saving our church.” –Arizona pastor

“Posture Shift has opened my eyes. It helped me see the world with God’s eyes. It has helped me accept and love all children of God.” –Arizona pastor

Wrapping Up

We are deeply grateful to God for His work and fruit through out West Coast tour, and for the partnership and generosity of area churches and ministry leaders who have hosted us, and we are so glad to see courageous leadership that spans denominations and roles. The past couple weeks have connected us to 1,000 pastors, parents, teachers, and lay persons. Here are a few more feedback responses we received from these leaders:

“This is the single most valuable thing you will do this year, and possibly ever, to expand your own thinking and that of your church or school on the topic of how Christians should approach/embrace the LGBTQ+ community.” –Posture Shift Attendee, West Coast

“Lead Them Home removed the apparent contradiction between ‘Loving Like Jesus’ and ‘Upholding My Church’s Theological Framework’ by showing us how to ‘Do Both.’ In a world of polarization, introducing this way forward was a worldview shift.” –Posture Shift Attendee, West Coast

As we move forward into the new year, we want to remind you of our 2019 goal: we are calling this the Year of Courageous Leadership. You can still join us as a courageous leader in your own community — one who extends Christ’s love to the marginalized.

To learn more about Posture Shift, visit our Posture Shift page, contact us, or register for our quarterly “About Posture Shift Webinar.

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