For decades, mistreatment, rejection, exclusion, and misunderstanding from the Church have damaged relational trust and barred LGBT+ people from access to the Gospel. Many desire to love LGBT+ people well — yet most remain uncomfortable relating directly and effectively with LGBT+ loved ones.

Posture Shift: ‘Get Trained’ on Practical, Biblical Sound LGBT+ Care

With over a decade of time-tested experience training over 60,000 leaders, Posture Shift meets the need for practical, tangible, specific guidance in real-life care for LGBT+ individuals and their families in your church.


Writing A New Church History

As we speak, a new church history is underway in which LGBT+ people experience rich, meaningful fellowship in their faith communities. And now, it’s developing more swiftly than ever. Our new Train50 initiative will reach 600,000 Christians within the next 2 years.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Will you join us in writing a new church history?


Posture Shift Train50: The Next Step

Get trained on effective LGBT+ care. Whether you’re a pastor, parent, relative, or friend, all are welcome to attend!

Train others within your congregation or ministry. Pastors, ministry staff, and other leaders: join recent Train50 attendees who have pursued licensure and are unleashing Posture Shift teaching in their own ministry contexts.

Here is how to get started today:

Save the date for any 2-day course at Choose Posture Shift Track (get trained) or Train50 Track (train others). Get your ticket. Invite others.


Get Trained, Train Others

Join us to be part of the Gospel reaching LGBT+ people!

Every 2-day Posture Shift event now equips your team (Posture Shift Track) AND offers the option for licensure (Train50 Track).

1. Posture Shift Track: Dramatically improve your outreach, inclusion, and relational care of LGBT+ people. To invite your leader team to get trained, simply register your team for any 2-day event at

2. Train50 Track: Get licensed to train others. Register for any 2-day event, and request licensure documents at

Practical, best-practice LGBT+ care at YOUR church can start today, and it can start with you. Here’s to writing a new church history!

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