This June, Lead Them Home presented a preconference and focused interest track at Revoice 2019.

LTH’s preconference seminar took place June 5 in St. Louis, Missouri. It was presented to pastors, parents, and others seeking to understand and relate effectively to LGBT+ loved ones. The following day (June 6), LTH presented a Parent & Family Track that lasted the majority of the day.

Bill Henson, Founder & President of Lead Them Home, presenting Posture Shift at Revoice 2019.

Lead Them Home Founder & President Bill Henson presenting Posture Shift at Revoice 2019.

Preconference: Posture Shift Seminar

On Day 1, LTH presented Posture Shift, our training seminar on biblically sound LGBT+ care and inclusion. The seminar was led by Founder & President Bill Henson, Certified Posture Shift Instructor Josh Proctor, and Content Contributor Mitchell Yaksh.

During one portion of the seminar, panelists shared what it is like to be LGBT+ in the church and what they need from their communities as they seek to honor God in their sexuality, faith, and life.

One attendee shared the following feedback:

“I walked in not really knowing what to expect, but kept my mind open and ready to learn. What I did learn broke my heart, because I was able to see the evident need for reconciliation between the church and the LGBT world. Posture Shift gave me a better understanding and filled my broken heart with hope by laying out clear ways to help bridge this gap.”

Mitchell Yaksh, volunteer at Lead Them Home, and Josh Proctor, Lead Them Home's Social Media Director & Licensed Posture Shift Trainer, presenting at Revoice 2019.

Mitchell Yaksh and Josh Proctor presenting portions of the teaching during LTH’s Parent & Family Track.

Parent & Family Track

The following day, Founder & President Bill Henson led the Parent & Family Track, with Josh Proctor, Mitchell Yaksh, and the Founder & President of Walls Down Ministries, Ty Wyss.

The majority of attendees were parents of LGB+ or SSA loved ones. Some were parents of T+ (including transgender, nonbinary, and genderqueer) loved ones. Many attendees came to Revoice after being invited by their LGBT+ child(ren). Others came on their own accord to simply learn how to better relate to and understand their LGBT+ children. A number of parents were in part-time or full-time vocational ministry.

Ty Wyss, Founder & President of Walls Down, presenting at Revoice 2019.

Ty Wyss, Founder & President of Walls Down, teaching on relational effectiveness from Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones.

Included in the Parent & Family Track was a walkthrough of Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones, our leading resource for every pastor, parent, and all who care. Walking through the guide allowed attendees to swiftly grasp key insights on relational effectiveness, as well as envision how Guiding Families might benefit their church, community, ministry, or family.

One attendee, the father of a gay son, shared that he had started reading the first edition of Guiding Families years ago when his son first came out. “Meeting my son’s partner was difficult,” he recalled. “One day, I was visiting them at their apartment, and I felt God was calling me to help them with some handiwork around the house. So I did. Serving my son and his partner was one of the most transformative experiences I’ve ever had. I have gained a new understanding of God’s love for my son and his partner.”

“Serving my son and his partner was one of the most transformative experiences I’ve ever had. I have gained a new understanding of God’s love for my son and his partner.

Josh Proctor, Lead Them Home's Social Media Director & Licensed Posture Shift Trainer, presenting at Revoice 2019.

Josh Proctor (LTH Staff) reads Scripture during one of the main sessions at Revoice 2019.

About Posture Shift

LTH has presented Posture Shift across North America and into South America. Over 60,000 national, regional, and local leaders have been trained. Our course handbook and seminar have been translated into Spanish. This past year, we released Posture Shift Train50, our licensure program to “train trainers” to reach the 600,000 Christians in the next 3 years. Learn more at

About Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones

Guiding Families provides practical insights on how to honor God and radically love LGBT+ people in your life. Our 140-page, interactive guide is a comprehensive resource that rapidly equips pastors, parents, and all who care. The guide presents a biblical basis, statistical risk factors, stories from other parents, stories from LGBT+ young people, and practical, best-practice tips on enhancing everyday interactions with LGBT+ loved ones. Designed for use in individual and group studies, Guiding Families is frequently used by ministry leaders and licensed counselors in caring for families. Preview or order Guiding Families here.

Meg Baatz, Lead Them Home's Director of Communications & Design, presenting at Revoice 2019.

Meg Baatz (LTH Staff) presents at Revoice 2019.

About Revoice

Revoice is a conference supporting the flourishing of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and other same-sex attracted Christians who adhere to the historic Christian sexual ethic. Learn more at

For information on LTH’s participation in Revoice, please read the following articles on our blog:


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