Lead Them Home will be in Concord, NH, in late September to lead a private 4-hour Posture Shift event.

Posture Shift is the North American Church’s most trusted training seminar on biblically sound LGBT+ inclusion and care. Learn more at postureshift.com.

Posture Shift: Private Trainings vs. Open-Registration Events

The majority of Posture Shift trainings are privately contracted events that equip church or ministry staff to address unique challenges within their own ministry context. This event is a private training for a specific church staff, which means it is not open for registration. However, scheduling events close together in time and location reduces logistical expenses. For that reason, we encourage leaders in the area to consider scheduling their private training within a week of the September 22 training.

Live in New Hampshire? Schedule Your Private Training This Fall

Are you a decision-making leader in your church, Christian school, parachurch ministry, or other organization? Find out how to schedule your fall training and save: start the conversation at leadthemhome.org/proposal.

You can also share our Posture Shift Informational Brochure with your leadership team.

Other Options

Lead Them Home also offers open-registration events in select cities through the year. Open-registration events are available to anyone — leaders, laypersons, parents, and relatives of LGBT+ loved ones — and you can register online. Earlybird specials and group discounts are often available, so talk to your team, colleagues, or family soon to plan your arrangements! Open-registration events often see attendance from leaders who are local, out of state, or even out of the country!

To view all events currently on our schedule, visit leadthemhome.org/events.
To start the conversation about a date for your team’s training, request a proposal at leadthemhome.org/proposal.

Questions? Contact us.

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