As Lead Them Home enters our 15th year of ministry, we reflect on God’s faithfulness in the past and direction for the future. For the past decade, we have sought God’s wisdom for a specific vision focus:

2010: “Authentic: One Message, All Audiences”
2011: “Disciplined: Every Word Counts”
2012: “A Gospel of Rejection Has No Power”
2013: “High Growth: Build Strong Credential”
2014: “Honor Leaders: Train Teams Top-Down”
2015: “Write/Publish Posture Shift Curriculum”
2016: “Justice Initiatives: Every Action Counts”
2017: “Prevent Rejection: Publish Guiding Families”
2018: “Replication Growth: Train Trainers”
2019: “The Year of Courageous Leadership”
2020: “The Year of Global Reach”

Celebrating God’s Work in 2019

This past year, our vision focus was “The Year of Courageous Leadership.” We called upon courageous leaders to embrace complexity, navigate backlash and misunderstanding, continue to honor God in their beliefs,  generously extend Christ’s Gospel to marginalized people.

Here are just a few highlights from this past year:

  • Posture Shift: Over 5,000 courageous leaders experienced Posture Shift across nearly 40 events in 12 states and provinces. In our Train50 initiative to “train trainers,” licensure was made available at every 2-day event. Our online Posture Shift Licensed Trainer Portal was launched. Dozens of leaders committed to “Get Trained & Train Others.”
  • Guiding Families translation: has been translated and published in Swedish. Translation to Spanish is complete and in final steps in publication process. This month, a ministry partner joined with us to translate Guiding Families into German.
  • Guiding Families: The Essentials Edition: We released an abridged version of Guiding Families  that contains 42 pages of the most essential content – for swift reading, comprehension, and application by leaders and parents.
  • Justice Initiatives: Two LGBT+ teens became recipients of our Justice Initiative Scholarship to continue pursuing college degrees after being disowned. Over 50 shelters and drop-in shelters have been added to our database of shelters meeting practical needs of homeless LGBT+ youth.
  • Nourishing Faith: We continue to hear stories from pastors, parents, and LGBT+ individuals about relationships with family, leaders, and Jesus Christ being restored or strengthened.

2020: The Year of Global Reach

Fifteen years ago, Lead Them Home pioneered a missiological approach for loving LGBT+ people in the church. We established four missional goals to create a new church history in which LGBT+ people will be valued, included, and engaged well: Enhance Church Inclusion, Increase Family Acceptance, Protect Against Victimization, and Nourish Faith Identity. 

Church leaders face a variety of cultural, linguistic, and political contexts. To equip these leaders, we will translate resources into German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Mandarin. We will launch a digital training portal to resource leaders in every nation. And we will hire new staff to continue not only to grow, but to multiply our reach and ability to provide leaders with the best resources on biblically sound LGBT+ inclusion and care.

We will train and equip more leaders. We will engage and care for more families and individuals. More vulnerable lives will be saved. More family relationships will be restored. More parent-child relational fractures will be prevented. We’ll make churches, families, and homes safer in order to nourish faith identity in LGBT+ lives.

We invite you to join us in praying, seeking, and investing in the Year of Global Reach. Give securely online, or mail a check to:

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