Loving LGBT+ People in the Church


Our Mission

Our mission is to reflect Christ’s love for LGBT+ people in the church

Our vision is to create sustainable support systems within churches that guide families of LGBT+ loved ones, while enhancing care and inclusion for LGBT+ people. Eighty-percent (80%) of our work helps young people 13-28 years old.

We train and equip trustee (elder) boards, executive teams, staff and organizational members in a “top-down” best practice leadership model. We are the leading training and consulting source on LGBT+ matters serving the conservative church across North America. Our nationally acclaimed Posture Shift training seminar and Guiding Families resource rapidly equip and mobilize your ministry team and families of LGBT+ loved ones. 

Our Name

Our name is inspired by the song “Tears of the Saints” by Leeland:

“There are schools full of hatred.
Even churches have forsaken
love and mercy.
There are tears of the saints
for the lost and unsaved.
Father, we will lead them home.

Our name was chosen in 2006 as we embarked on a pioneer mission effort to confront us versus them attitudes. Since that day, we have called upon church leaders and parents to lead (or invite) LGBT+ loved ones home to family – home to church – and home to Jesus.

Our Vision

  1. Encourage family acceptance.
  2. Enhance church inclusion.
  3. Guarantee belonging and safety.
  4. End teen suicide and homelessness.
  5. Nurture faith identity in Jesus.

A gospel of exclusion has no power to reach already-banished persons.

Our Beliefs

Our position and posture on concerns for LGBT+ individuals are informed and motivated by the heart of Jesus as expressed in Holy Scriptures.

We are convicted that the application of biblical truth regarding sexual teachings in Scripture must also apply to non-sexual teachings of the scripture.

How we treat people is an equally critical moral matter.

We aim for the posture of Jesus: to honor God, and love all people.


Quotes from ministry leaders, parents and young people we serve.