Loving LGBT+ People in the Church


Our Mission

Our mission is to reflect Christ’s love for LGBT+ and SSA persons in the church

Our vision is to create sustainable support systems within local churches that wisely guide families of LGBT+ loved ones while enhancing care and compassion for LGBT+ and SSA persons.

We specifically work to minimize suicidal risk factors and cultivate faith identity in non-heterosexual persons.

Our Name

Our name is inspired by the chorus of the song “Tears of the Saints” by the Christian rock group, Leeland:

“There are tears of the saints
for the lost and unsaved.
Father, we will lead them home.
Father, we will lead them home.”

Our name captures the theme of our ministry vision: to go to those we (as the church) have wounded and lead (or invite) them home.

Our Vision

  1. Share the Gospel within reach of LGBT+ Communities.
  2. Care for families in our churches who have LGBT+ loved ones.
  3. Assist those in our churches seeking help with gender dysphoria or same-sex attraction.
  4. Protect all LGBT+ people.

Our Beliefs

We seek for both our position and posture on concerns for LGBT+ individuals to be informed and motivated by the heart of Jesus as expressed in the Holy Scriptures.

We are convicted that the application of absolute truth regarding sexual teachings of the scripture must also apply to non-sexual teachings of the scripture.


Quotes from ministry leaders, parents, teens, and young adults who have encountered Lead Them Home