Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to reflect Christ’s love for LGBT+ and SSA persons in the churchOur vision is to create sustainable support systems within local churches that wisely guide families of LGBT+ loved ones while enhancing care and compassion for LGBT+ and SSA persons. We specifically work to minimize suicidal risk factors and cultivate faith identity in non-heterosexual persons.

While Lead Them Home touches many lives each year, we measure missional success by the level of organic care that is available within local churches across America. Hence, our focus is mobilizing effective outreach and pastoral care by training church leaders and the wider evangelical community. We train, equip, and partner with evangelical ministries to extend Christ’s love to LGBT+ persons. We want all LGBT+ and SSA people to sense a generous welcome in the evangelical church.

Founder Bill Henson trains church leaders, seminary students, campus ministry leaders, teen camp staff, Christian counseling teams, urban social justice and missional teams, and other ministries. He speaks at churches, campuses, seminaries and conferences. Bill provides support to families and individuals in the Greater Boston area and others throughout America and around-the-globe by telephone or email.

We invite you to explore our website. Church and ministry leaders: consider hosting Posture Shift. Family and friends of LGBT+ individuals: check out our resource, Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved OnesFor more information, contact us.