There is no greater need today than for the evangelical church to stand up and be counted in the effort to eradicate anti-gay bullying, reduce LGBT+ teen suicide, and combat LGBT+ teen homelessness. 

Lead Them Home offers the following ways to express justice in these critical areas.

Since Fall 2017, Lead Them Home has been building a database of shelters around the nation that serve LGBT+ homeless youth with excellence. Our aim is to mobilize the church to build “justice bridges” from local churches to local LGBT+ shelter and drop-in centers.

We offer opportunities to help churches connect with local shelters in tangible ways, including donating winter wear, sponsoring teens for holiday gifts, and funding education and job skills training to help LGBT+ youth realize independent living.

Movie Discussion Kits

Christians are called to to engage with our world critically, compassionately, and winsomely. Use these upcoming films as a catalyst to guide your faith community toward a godly discernment about sexuality, conversion therapy, and Christian hope.

Understanding LGBT+ History

Developing a missional posture — and understanding the depth of need for justice actions — requires a working understanding of the history of LGBT+ people. Gain a brief understanding of LGBT+ historic victimization through this PDF.

Justice Initiatives Fund

Donate to our Justice Initiatives Fund, an account set aside purely for justice initiatives. One-hundred percent of your donation will help prevent and alleviate homelessness and other forms of LGBT+ victimization, including Justice Scholarships and evacuation of LGBT+ persons from persecuting nations.