Announcing: 2020 Posture Shift Tour

This month, we are announcing our official dates and cities for our Posture Shift 2020 Tour! If you’re interested in getting trained on relational and missional skills in caring for […]

Our 2020 Vision: ‘The Year of Global Reach’

Here is a glimpse of what God has done in 2019 – and the vision we’re praying, seeking, and investing in for 2020: The Year of Global Reach.

Invest in Our Mission

Fifteen years ago, Lead Them Home pioneered a missiological approach for loving LGBT+ people in the church. We established four missional goals to create a new church history in which […]

October Training Scheduled in Seattle, WA

Lead Them Home will be in Seattle, Washington, in early October to lead a private 2-day training. Posture Shift is the North American Church’s most trusted training seminar on biblically sound LGBT+ inclusion and care.

Posture Shift is Coming to Calgary, Alberta!

Are you a decision-making leader in Western Canada (Alberta, British Colombia, Saskatchewan) or the U.S. Pacific Northwest (Montana, Idaho, Washington)? Now is the time to schedule your training!

New Study Confirms Complexity of Sexual Orientation Cause

According to a study published this summer, there is no single “gay gene.” Instead, sexual orientation seems to be shaped by aa complex web of “nature and nurture” that can vary from person to person.

LGBT+ Teen Suicide: Why Talking About it Helps

If a teen is not met with ongoing conversation in the days after coming out, their suicide risk is nearly identical to a teen who’s blatantly rejected by their family. Take initiative to keep open conversation on gender, sexuality, and suicide.

Hate Crimes Against LGBT+ People Continue to Increase

According to a new study released by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, hate crimes have risen in the last year.

Training Scheduled in Seattle, WA

Are you a decision-making leader at a Christian church, ministry, or school in the Pacific Northwest? Now is the time to schedule your training!