Our Team


Ray Pendleton

Board Chairman

Dr. Raymond Pendleton has served as pro­fess­or of Pastoral Psychology at Gordon-Conwell Theo­lo­gi­cal Seminary since 1975. He is also Assis­tant Rector of Pastoral Care and Healing Ministry at Christ the Redeemer church in Dan­vers, MA, and has served as Lead Them Home’s board chairman since 2005.

Bill Henson

Founder & President

Bill Henson is the founder and president of Lead Them Home, creator of Posture Shift, and author of Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones. Bill trains national, regional and local ministry teams across America to extend Christ to LGBT+ persons within a biblical framework. Bill guest lectures at Gordon College and has presented Posture Shift at Denver Seminary and Gordon-Conwell Theo­lo­gi­cal Sem­i­na­ry.

Paul Atwater


Paul Atwater is the founding pastor of North River Community Church in Pembroke, MA. He has been married to his lovely wife, Susan, since 1981, and they have two adult daughters. Paul is a grad­uate of Wheaton College (B.A.) and Denver Sem­i­na­ry (M.Div.), where he is currently a D.Min. can­di­date. He has served on the Wheaton College Leadership Council and the board for New Hope Correctional Ministry, and was a Contributing Editor for Lead­er­ship Jour­nal. Paul loves following Boston sports and played football and ran track at Whea­ton College.


Meg Baatz

Director of Communications & Creative Design

Meg Baatz directs design and comm­uni­ca­tions at LTH. Meg holds a BSW from Colo­ra­do State University. Previously, Meg owned a small Denver-based web design company for 3 years.

Meg lives in community in Denver, CO. She is passionate about spiritual family and em­pow­er­ing people to grow and thrive in com­mu­ni­ty.

Chadyn Case

Director of Operations & Donor Relations

Chadyn Case loves to manage details and build re­lationships. She has pre­vi­ous­ly work­ed at a uni­ver­sity, in youth groups, at a science museum, and for a fash­ion com­pany, to name a few. Ori­gin­al­ly from the Bos­ton area, Chadyn recently spent a year liv­ing and work­ing in Addis Ab­a­ba, Ethiopia. She grew up deeply in­volv­ed in her local church and in the performing arts. In her free time, you’ll likely find her in a museum, watching sci-fi, or hiking with her husband and their dog.

Lesli Hudson-Reynolds

Gender Identity Ministry Director

Lesli currently serves as Gender Identity Ministry Director for Lead Them Home. Lesli mentors youth and adults seeking God’s will in their gender identity. They are also de­vel­op­ing a re­source de­signed to thought­ful­ly en­gage church lead­er­ship in the gender conversation.

Prior to joining the LTH team, Lesli spent 15 years on the road and in regional theater as Pro­duc­tion Stage Mana­ger for numerous Broad­way musi­cals, ballets, and plays. They still escape to NY to see shows whenever possible.

Josh Proctor

Social Media Director
Certified Posture Shift Instructor | Armenia, Colombia (South America)

Josh Proctor serves a Social Media Director and a Posture Shift Instructor for Lead Them Home in Latin America. He also works with the CM&A of Colombia in International Relations and equipping its campuses to reach LGBT+ people.

Josh has an M.A. in Biblical Literature, and his greatest passion is help people grow in their relationship with Jesus.