What We Offer

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Posture Shift

Over 45,000 national, regional and local leaders have experienced Posture Shift, our leading seminar on outreach and pastoral care for LGBT+ persons as well as those who experience unwanted same-sex attraction. With over a decade of experience in this complex area, we provide nationally-acclaimed training and consulting resources for church leaders.

Our offerings include Posture Shift 1.0 half-day seminar, Posture Shift Implement consulting, and Posture Shift Intensives 2-day course.

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Evangelical church leaders are seeking a way to enhance inclusion and maintain biblical orthodoxy. Lead Them Home offers a “map” to assist executive and board leaders in navigating a path forward in today’s increasingly complex world. We routinely assist ministries in crisis.

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Individual & Family Support

We have never — and will never — practice reparative or conversion therapy. Our only objective in spiritual care is to offer safety, acceptance, protection and a place for people to share their story and grow in their faith without judgment.

DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: We do not offer licensed counseling services. We encourage all persons (and require seriously suicidal persons) to seek help via licensed professionals. Lead Them Home provides an extra layer of informal support and encouragement to you as an individual or family. We help you expand your network of support and offer a safe place to simply be heard. If you are feeling very alone in your journey, we encourage you to reach out today.

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Family Care Seminar

Family acceptance is a critical component to reducing suicidal risk factors for LGBT+ youth and building faith identity into adulthood over the long-term. We help families accomplish this within a biblical framework.

Whether your child just came out or you have a son or daughter married to their partner, there is a place for you at Family Care Seminar. Some of you have an LGBT+ parent, spouse, sibling, grand parent or other close relative whom you care about. Our bi-annual workshop is designed to equip, comfort and encourage evangelical families of LGBT+ loved ones.

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Justice Initiatives

There is no greater need today than for the evangelical church to stand up and be counted in the effort to eradicate anti-gay bullying, reduce gay teen suicide, and combat LGBT+ youth homelessness. Be a tangible witness in your local community that you radically care about vulnerable youth and will not tolerate nor silently ignore the life-threatening challenges many gay youth routinely face.