Loving LGBT+ People in the Church

Family Care Seminar

Family Care Seminar

For too long, we have preached about homosexuality as an issue and entirely missed the real parents and relatives sitting in the pew waiting to receive more tangible help in relating well to their LGBT+ loved ones. Family Care fixes this deficit in the church.

Family Care Seminar is a half-day workshop designed especially to equip, comfort and encourage evangelical families of LGBT+ loved ones.

This confidential setting allows families to come together and care for one another while getting equipped with a biblical mandate to love and extend Christ to LGBT+ family members. Families who attend our seminar are radically transformed by the experience and spiritually equipped to walk with their loved ones no matter what. The Gospel will have no power until “we” invest in a more trustworthy and mutual relationship with LGBT+ loved ones. The “change” does not target our loved ones; it starts with us. Our theology does NOT need to change, but the way we engage our LGBT+ loved ones must radically change.

You can purchase an individual user download of a prior Family Care Seminar at Lead Them Home’s podcast.

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