Loving LGBT+ People in the Church

Talk to Someone: Individual & Family Support

DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: We do not offer licensed counseling services. We encourage all persons (and require seriously suicidal persons) to seek help via licensed professionals. Lead Them Home provides an extra layer of informal support and encouragement to you as an individual or family. We help you expand your network of support and offer a safe place to simply be heard. If you are feeling very alone in your journey, we encourage you to reach out today. Read below to find out how.

In the Boston area:

  • Appointments available weekdays from 9am to 4pm in Lexington or Acton.
  • One week advance notice is required (exceptions for urgent requests are granted as possible).
  • $80 per hour or $120 for two hours (discounts for economic hardship).
  • For emergencies, you must dial 911 or go to the nearest hospital.
  • To schedule, simply Contact Us.
  • After scheduling, you can pay or pre-pay for Support Services here.

Across America and International:

  • Appointments available by telephone or email.
  • To schedule, simply Contact Us.
  • After scheduling, you can pay or pre-pay for Support Services here.

For Teens and College Students:

  • Free email or telephone help is available to those without family support and no financial means.
  • Once a day and time is set, please call (978) 212-9630. While we are here for you, it is important to call at the scheduled time.
  • Suicidal persons should read this important message to obtain appropriate help.

A Special Message for LGBT+ Persons:

  • We will walk with you where you are at.
  • We will never moralize or judge you.
  • We will never bring up theology or doctrine unless you desire to talk about these topics.
  • If you are suicidal and it is an emergency, you need to dial 911 or go to a hospital now.
  • Our goal is to help you find excellent care from your family, your church and this ministry.
  • Please know that Lead Them Home is here for you — you are invited to call any time.

About Our Help:

Young LGBT+/SSA persons often hear messages like, “You must change. You can change if you are willing to.” At Lead Them Home, we turn this message around: our focus is on the changes that we – as pastors and parents — must make to care well for you.

  • Change #1: We must restore or enhance pastor-youth and parent-child relational connection.
  • Change #2: We must build trust so that LGBT+ loved ones know that we will never judge them.
  • Change #3: We must continually reach out and invite back LGBT+ loved ones who have run from us.
  • Change #4: We must build a firm foundation of loving support and acceptance no matter what.
  • Change #5: We must trust God’s sovereignty over our loved ones’ lives.
  • Change #6: We must honor those who identify as Christian as our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Change #7: We must recognize that sexual orientation is about more than behavior: it involves complex emotional, mental and romantic desires that reflect how one offers and receives romantic love.

Same-Sex Attraction (or SSA) can be a complex and confusing experience. On the one hand, there are age-old scriptural, historical and cultural teachings about the wrongs of homosexuality. On the other hand, such desires are interwoven with a seemingly innate way of giving and receiving love. If there were no romantic inclination to SSA, it might not be such a powerful force. It is a powerful force because love is (often) involved. Only God can demand and enable a person to surrender these desires to Christ.  Few people achieve perfect celibacy over a lifetime. For heterosexuals who are single, there is always the potential for sexual expression of love within a future marriage. For people who experience SSA (particularly exclusive SSA), marriage may not be possible for many such persons. Hence, it is very unwise to promise change in sexual orientation or to encourage them to just get married. The question thus becomes: for SSA and LGBT+ persons, what do they need from us? How can we best support them and nourish their faith identity in Christ? It starts with restoring and maximizing relational connection and working toward “a level playing field” at the Cross.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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